Our Bow Hunts

Choosing to Bow Hunt one of our World Record Whitetails, which by the way are abundant on our property, is the most challenging but absolutely the most rewarding hunt that you will ever experience. Imagine watching a World Record 200+ class Whitetail buck making his way slowly to your stand, catching glimpses of this giant as he makes his way through the timber and our beautiful rolling hills. Or, maybe you would prefer stalking one of these massive Whitetail monsters, slowly closing the distance within 30-40 yards until you were ready to "seal the deal."

Whether you choose hunting out of a stand or stalking, one thing I can assure you is that your heart will be racing like never before on one of our World Record Whitetail bow hunts.

FYI- It’s not often that a 200+ class Giant will be close enough for a bow shot, so make sure you have put your time in on the practice range. You will need to be able to make shots up to 30 to 40 yards to insure your success on the hunt. We have these deer patterned fairly well, and with years of experience guiding, whether hunting Bow or RIFLE, we are certain you will get your chance...
                                                                                                                                                              WE GUARANTEE IT!