Our Guided Hunts

Here at "World Record Hunts" you will be hunting with an experienced guide who will not only assist you in locating the buck of your dreams, but will serve as your own personal camera man. We take great pride in making sure that when your hunt is complete, you will return home with the size animal you came to hunt... and nothing less!

Our guides have over 80 years of combined experience hunting and helping others fulfill their dreams of taking a giant Whitetail. Whether you are hunting with BOW or RIFLE, your guide will work diligently during your Whitetail deer hunt to help you “seal the deal."

Safety on our ranch is always our number one priority, so all hunts are carefully monitored as to what stands our hunters are occupying. Stalking will be done separately, safely, away from other hunters that are positioned in stands.

Our guides have been instrumental in helping make dreams come true for years. Whether it’s a Father-Son hunt, Mother-Daughter hunt, Husband-wife hunt, or an individual hunt; our guides will make your hunt a memory that will last for generations to come. We have been so blessed to have made so many friends who come back year after year, not only for the GIANTS they harvest, but for the incredible camaraderie back at the camp as well... all a part of “Making Memories That Last A Lifetime”.

And if you want to capture the entire experience in your own documentary movie, check our our VIDEO HUNT page.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!