Our Preserve Hunts

This will never become a "canned hunt" environment. With hundreds of acres of hardwoods and rolling hills, these deer have plenty opportunity to be as elusive as ever. But, with the experience of our guides and you being “dialed in,” WE WILL get the job done!

Our Guarantee

At "World Record Hunts," we are able to guarantee that every hunter who visits our preserve will have the opportunity to walk away with a monster trophy Whitetail. Now with that said, what we can’t guarantee is that everyone will. It comes down to personal preference and you being able to “seal the deal”.

Make sure to put your time in on the range, whether you're hunting with your RIFLE or your BOW; so sealing the deal won’t be an issue when that trophy of a lifetime presents himself.

There are no fees (other than your initial deposit) if you don’t take a trophy, and you haven’t wounded any deer. And remember, when hunting on a preserve, over 95% of all hunters take a trophy deer home on their first visit... and we'll try our best to get it on VIDEO as well.